Who are we?

A Century of Cinema is hosted by Lucas Soares, Nic Jehle, Kyle Wallen, and John Nelson. Each of us coming from a different level of movie fandom, we can offer varied perspectives ranging from novice to expert. Some of us are filmmakers in our own right, some of also make music. All of us love watching movies and talking about them.

what is this?

The big idea behind A Century of Cinema is for us as a group to watch 100 movies representing 100 years of film history, one release per year from 1919 to 2019. We watch them, we research and analyze them, we talk about them - we learn. Anyone who listens is encouraged to watch the movies with us — we’ll always give the title of our next watch the week before we watch it. Please note that our discussions are 100% spoilery, so if you plan to watch the movie, you might want to do it before tuning in.